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Reasons Why Working for Parke is Awesome

Parke-Company-tree-service-of-nashville-Reasons-Why-Working-for-the-Parke-Company-is-AwesomeHave you always been a kid at heart? Do you enjoy climbing trees and spending time outside? Then we have a job for you. Parke’s arborist team is looking for great tree climbers who can work hard and also have a passion for Nashville and its trees. Being a part of our team is one of the best career moves you can make and the reasons are endless. So if you’re an arborist (or even someone looking for a career change), look no further than our team at Parke.

Here are just a few reasons to get you started:

Climb trees all day
If you love spending time outdoors, what better way to be outside than climbing trees and enjoying the Nashville sun while getting paid? Whether it is for tree care analysis, crown thinning or repairing tree damage, as an arborist, you will get to spend time outside working with great people and taking care of some of Nashville’s most historic trees. What’s better than that?

Learn about Nashville’s vast ecosystems
Whether you have been an arborist for years, or you are just learning about the business, you can learn so much about Middle Tennessee’s natural habitat. Diving into Nashville’s native trees, invasive species, how to treat diseases and the wildlife that lives in and around the trees is part of the job description. As you learn about our local ecosystem, you will also learn how to properly treat and care for trees as you provide exceptional service to our customers.

Work with a great team
Teamwork is an important part of an arborist’s job. It can be a dangerous gig at times, so communication with other members of your team is crucial. Our arborists look out for one another and value working together. Good communication, planning and trust are crucial to getting a tree service job done the right way. A positive work environment is also a huge factor. The happiness of our crew is what makes the Parke Company a staple within the Nashville community.

If you’re interested in working with our team of arborists and in climbing trees all day, contact us today to apply. Our tree care services include tree health care analysis, disease prevention, crown thinning and tree removal. If you are not in the market for a new career change, but you are in the market for landscape or tree services, contact our crew for more information today!

Parke-Company-tree-service-of-nashville-Tree-Services-and-Your-Swimming-Pool-How-Can-Parke-Help-poolIt may not be Memorial Day quite yet, but there are plenty of pools open all over the Nashville area, and plenty more will be opening soon. So what does that have to do with your trees? Well, actually, a lot. Whether your trees the landscape around them need a little maintenance, the Parke Company’s services are valuable assets for your yard.

Our landscape and tree care experts not only make sure your trees are healthy all year long, but they also do their best to ensure safety and an enjoyable experience around the pool during the summer. From safety to sunbathing, there are a lot of factors to consider when dealing with your trees and how they might affect your swimming schedule during the warmer months.

Here are a few ways Parke can help:

Tree safety
The safety of your family and your trees are crucial, especially when you have a pool. Our arborists can do a full analysis on your trees to make sure they’re strong and sturdy. This will only further ensure the trees cannot fall on the pool. If your trees need a little care before everyone piles into the pool, our team can recommend the proper treatment or removal. And while we don’t recommend swimmers use the pool during severe weather, having a tree care analysis done on the pool’s surrounding trees is another way to ensure the utmost safety in your backyard.

Tree maintenance services
A service like crown thinning is a great way to allow sunlight to reach your pool: that’s more sun for that great summer tan! In addition, if your pool is surrounded by trees, fallen leaves can often be a nuisance. If that’s the case, our arborists can come in and trim your trees to help keep those leaves from falling in your pool. Another tree service available that your pool might benefit from would be canopy raising. Our arborists can remove lower growing branches to allow for higher head clearance, making your time outside less dangerous and far more pleasant.

Shrub and landscape maintenance
Having a professional landscape service take care of your lawn is sometimes the best option. One great benefit is that our landscape team will mow with the pool in mind. Our crew will cut the grass to make sure the clippings don’t fall into the pool, all the while keeping the lawn itself looking great. Our team of landscape experts can also assist in planting shrubs, flowers or other plants best suited near a pool. Need one more reason? Your landscape can be one less thing you have to worry about during the summer. That’s more time enjoying the pool and the warm weather!

If you’ve opened your residential or commercial pool already, don’t delay in getting your tree services completed so you can properly enjoy the summer! It doesn’t matter if you need your trees examined for safety measures or if you just need more sunlight through the canopy of the trees’ leaves, calling our arborists at Parke is the right thing to do. Our services include everything from tree service to lawn maintenance. Get your name in the books before our schedule fills up. For more information about our tree care or landscape services, contact us today.

Five Things to Know Before Climbing Trees

Parke-Company-tree-service-of-nashville-Five-Things-to-Know-Before-Climbing-TreesThe spring season has already arrived and Nashvillians are all out enjoying the warmer weather. Cheekwood in Bloom, farmer’s markets and marathons are just a few of the many outdoor activities to participate in this spring.

One simple activity kids and adults alike have been doing is climbing trees. It’s an easy way to enjoy the nature around Middle Tennessee without too much fuss or expense. But there are a few things to consider before climbing.

Here’s what you need to know:

Stay Safe

Is your tree safe enough to climb or swing? This is the most important factor to consider for tree climbers. Climbing trees can be a lot of fun but if the branches are weak it can be very dangerous. Make sure the trees are tall and healthy before attempting to climb. Do not climb any trees where the branches or trunk appear to be damaged due to lightning, disease or other noticeable factors. If you know that animals live in the tree, consider another tree and leave the critters alone.


Even if the tree looks safe, have your tree evaluated by a professional arborist to be sure. There might be issues with the trees or branches that you might not be able to see right away. Having an arborist do a full tree care work-up will be a sure-fire way to know if the tree is safe for tree climbers.


Before climbing any branches, be sure to learn or freshen up on any and all safety tips. This will help avoid injuries to you and damage to the tree. Consult with an arborist if you are unsure about the proper tree care when climbing the branches or playing in trees. Tree climbing can be a very enjoyable experience. Plus, it’s a great way to familiarize yourself with Nashville’s vast ecosystem, but you have a responsibility to the tree to know all safety measures before climbing its branches.


Have a professional arborist tie up a swing, if applicable. If you want to do more than a simple climb, our arborists can easily tie up rope and install swings from branches. Trees have been nature’s playground for years, but it’s important to acknowledge and treat the tree with care before adding a swing.  

Call for Service

Tree climbers in Nashville are all about having fun. If you’re climbing branches in your own trees, it should be for recreational and educational purposes only. If you need to complete any tree care, call our team of professional arborists. Depending on the tree service, tasks necessary to care for the tree can be dangerous. Do not attempt to complete the job yourself.

The five cardinal rules listed above can help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience when climbing or swinging in the branches of your own tree. Love to climb trees but don’t have access to them in your own backyard? Music City has a couple options for you. Consider working for Parke! Our arborist team is certified and trained to complete a wide variety of tree services, and many of them include climbing trees. You might also consider a recreational tree climbing company like Tree Climbing Planet. It’s great for tree climbers who want to bring out their inner child every so often.

The Parke Company can complete a variety of tree services such as tree care analysis, crown thinning, tree removal, etc. Summer is just around the corner so don’t delay. Get your name in the books today!

Lightning and Trees: Three Ways Parke Can Help

Parke-Company-tree-service-of-nashville-Lightning-and-Trees-Three-Ways-Parke-Can-HelpJust because it’s April doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be concerned with severe summer storms yet. As a matter of fact, we’ve already had a few episodes of threatening weather, including tornados and flash floods. But one of the biggest threats during this kind of weather is lightning. Trees are especially susceptible to lightning, which is why it’s important to regularly monitor your trees and call for any necessary tree care and damage repair.

Trees isolated on hills, near water, and in vast lawns or fields are even more susceptible to strikes. So what can you do when a storm comes through Nashville and wreaks havoc on your trees? Trees are resilient but preventative measures can always be taken, especially if the tree is a historical landmark. If the tree is struck and it needs to be assessed, there are a couple things the Parke Company can assist you with.

Here are just a few ways Parke can help with lightning:

Protective devices

Because trees are susceptible to lightning, it’s important to consider protection for older and highly-valued trees, like the Battle of Nashville tree. Installing these protective devices can decrease the likelihood of damage from lightning. This is especially important if trees are near your home or business where severe damage could occur. The lightning devices are complex systems and should not be installed without the help of a certified arborist.

Emergency tree care

As with all weather, lightning is unpredictable. If lightning hits a tree and the tree falls as a result, damage is a real possibility. If the tree falls over a roadway, on your property or on a power line, the Parke Company’s emergency team should be called immediately. The arborist will be able to address the problem quickly and remove the tree safely and efficiently. Just remember, the Parke Company’s existing clients are addressed first. If you’ve never used Parke’s tree or landscape services, call today to get your name in the books for tree care or landscape. That way, if something disastrous happens on your watch, Parke’s arborists have you covered fast.

Repair damage

Depending on the severity, lightning strikes can completely destroy your tree. However, there are times when trees get struck and you won’t be able to tell right away. That’s why it’s important to call a certified arborist who will be able to assist you with proper tree care, as well as guide you in a treatment plan for the affected tree. Signs of damage to the tree are cracks down the trunk, loss of leaves, sunken dead spots around the trunk or branches and death (immediate or prolonged). If you see any of these signs after a storm, contact Parke to complete a full tree care work-up.

You getting struck by lightning is a rare occurrence, but unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the trees on your landscape. Whether it’s effective preparedness, emergency service or damage repair, the arborists at the Parke Company are readily available to discuss your tree care options. Need landscape or lawn services? The Parke Company is available for that too! Call today to get your name in the books.

Tree Preparedness: What To Do in the Threat of a Storm

parke-company-tree-preparedness-what-do-in-storm-nashvilleIt’s springtime, and the saying “April showers bring May flowers,” comes to mind. Well, it might not be April yet, but it’s close enough, and the showers are definitely coming to the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area. And while some are just simple, spring rains, other showers can be serious threats. Tornadoes, lightning and flash flooding are all factors that have caused detrimental damage to areas around the country. But one of the most damaging factors during storms are trees. Nashville trees can be easily uprooted or damaged in a storm. Branches and leaves can be yanked off the trunk, harming both the property and the tree itself.

That’s why it’s important to be informed and properly prepared for any possible severe storm that might enter the Middle Tennessee area. Sometimes we can have several days of warning before a storm approaches, but other times, bad weather patterns can change and arrive unexpectedly. Though it’s important to have an emergency plan in place for your family, it’s also important to make sure your trees are properly cared for.

Here are three things to consider for your tree care:

  1. Check trees for stability — Schedule a tree service appointment with an arborist at the Parke Company. A certified arborist will be able to asses any potential danger or instability your trees might have. In addition, if you schedule an appointment with an arborist, he or she can also check for possible disease or other problems.
  2. Care as necessary — If there is a problem, or an arborist finds that parts of your tree are unstable and cannot withstand a strong storm, the arborist team will be able to address it and take care of it quickly. Parke’s tree services will be able to put your mind at ease. Whether it’s a simple crown thinning or treatment for disease, they’ll be able to get it taken care of in no time.
  3. Call for emergencies — Sometimes you can do all the right things and take all the right precautions and Mother Nature still deals you a bad deck. If a tree falls in your property or in the middle of the yard, the Parke Company’s emergency team can help. Their emergency team is trained and certified to handle high-stress situations involving fallen trees. Have the emergency number handy but be sure to also have other important local numbers too, such as Nashville Electric Services (NES) and Metro Water Services. This is in case a tree falls on a power line or damages a sewage system.

Nashville is a great city, but sometimes the weather can be fickle. So be prepared for all possibilities! From a late freeze to lightning damage to your trees, make sure you know how to handle each situation properly. For more information about Parke’s tree care services, contact an arborist today. If your landscape floods, the landscape crew at Parke can help with that too. If you do need emergency tree care services, contact Parke immediately for assistance. Be safe, Nashvillians!