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The Parke Company and Tree Houses

Parke-Company-tree-service-of-nashville-Summertime-Activities-Spent-with-Trees-treehouseHave you been to Cheekwood to check out the treehouses yet? If not, it’s a great activity for you and your family, especially during the Summertime at Cheekwood event! Treehouses have been a child’s playground for years, and a place where one makes memories and builds friendships. So if you love visiting Cheekwood, building your own tree house is a great idea!

A few things must be done first to ensure your trees and its branches are stable and healthy before the house installation. Services like tree care analysis and tree inventory are good things to check off your do-list before you begin building.

Tree Health Care Analysis –  Even if you’re not in the market to build a treehouse, tree health care analysis is always a great service to consider. The Parke Company’s team of arborists will implement a variety of management tools to determine your tree’s health and longevity, provide preventive measures from disease and infestation, and educate proper soil and water maintenance.  If you plan on building and/or installing a tree house, knowing the health and needs of the tree is crucial to avoid any unnecessary damage or destruction of both the treehouse and the tree.

Tree Inventory – This service will provide a full and detailed report of all your trees on your property including location, identification and condition. Similar to health care analysis, having tree inventory can help you determine the health and needs of all your trees. The Parke Company can discuss with you the best trees on your property suited for a treehouse based on the analysis and inventory.

Other Services — The Parke Company can assist in other services to streamline the installation process. Services might include crown thinning for your branches, playground surface materials, weight reduction and many others. All these services are important to consider on the front end to avoid any unnecessary hiccups along the way. If you need to remove branches for improved sunlight or if you’re looking to lay down material underneath for a safe playground, the Parke Company can help find what you’re looking for.

Building and/or installing a tree house is a great gift for your family. They’re even worthy of art exhibits at Cheekwood in Nashville but be sure to call an arborist to check tree stability before the construction begins. If you’re unsure of where to start, call the Parke Company and speak with an arborist for some guidance. Whether you need to have health care analysis or playground safety material installed, the Parke Company can help you figure it out. For more information, call them today!

Summertime Activities Spent with Trees

Parke-Company-tree-service-of-nashville-Summertime-Activities-Spent-with-Trees-zip-lineSummertime is a season for a variety of outdoor activities like hiking, canoeing, swimming and ziplining. All of these activities put you right in the heart of Tennessee’s wilderness and give you a new perspective on nature and landscape. Taking advantage of these fun pastimes not only exposes you to something new you may have never tried, but it’s a great way to see the beauty of Middle Tennessee in a whole new way.

Ziplining — While many summertime plans involve playing in nature, ziplining is a special activity that puts us right among the trees. Ziplining is always an exciting adventure and locations like Fontanel and Treetop Adventure Park offer exhilarating experiences. Though the Parke Company doesn’t build the zip lines, Parke employees can offer advice on proper tree care for both homeowners and companies looking to implement a zip line on their landscape on their commercial or residential properties.

Canoeing and Kayaking — Canoeing is a great activity during the hottest of summer days, and it’s a great way to see some of Middle Tennessee’s beautiful hills and trees. Nashville has a plethora of beautiful rivers. Get your feet wet and learn a little about nature! The Harpeth, Cumberland and Whites Creek are just a few of Middle Tennessee’s many rivers that allow canoeing and kayaking.

Hiking — If canoeing and ziplining aren’t really your thing, hiking is a great alternative! Many parks around the area offer hiking trails that expose visitors to the branches and beauty of Nashville. Shelby Bottoms or Percy Warner are just a couple parks to consider. The Parke Company works hard to preserve and care for the trees all around the area, and hiking through one of these trails will give you a great reason as to why they work so hard.

Summer is a great season to take advantage of all of these outdoor activities. Make sure to get out and see what Nashville’s trees and nature have to offer. It’ll be cold again before we know it! And if you’ve got trees or branches in your own landscape that look a little weary, call the Parke Company today for a tree care consultation.

Three Reasons to Love Nashville’s Historic Trees

parke-company-emergency-services-tree-landscape-irrigation-maintenance-blog-Water-Three-Reasons-to-Love-Nashville-Historic-Trees-battle-of-nashvilleNashville is commonly known for country music and great food. But one thing that is often overlooked is the rich history the region holds. Nashville and Middle Tennessee embody layers of historical significance that often go unnoticed.

History isn’t just contained in museums or classrooms, but the world around us; especially trees! There are all kinds of great reasons why historical trees should be loved and admired in the Tennessee area. They are living, breathing things that were alive during some of Nashville’s formative years. In addition, understanding their history promotes their preservation long-term. Here are just a few reasons to love Nashville’s historic trees:

  1. You learn something about your home you may not know. Whether you’re new to the Nashville area or you’ve lived in Middle Tennessee your whole life, some of the city’s history can be taught to you at any age. When strolling through a park or visiting someplace new, stop to read all the information you can because even the trees themselves hold great historical value you may have never seen before.

  2. It encourages historical tree preservation. Understanding and appreciating the history many of the beautiful trees around the region is a wonderful thing in itself, but it also encourages tree preservation and education for years to come.

  3. It’s a living artifact of Nashville’s significant past. Live artifacts provide such an exciting gateway to the past. Natchez Trace Trail, Bison Meadows, the Witness Tree, the Battle of Nashville and other beautiful areas all have a story to tell, and the same trees that were there then are here now.

When you’re out and about enjoying the weather with friends and family this summer, take a step back to enjoy the history of your city too. Whether you’re taking a trip down Natchez Trace or you’re golfing in the Richland Country Club (where the Witness Tree is) notice the history around you. You might not only learn something new, but you might help the preservation of these historical trees and the many that will be inducted in the future.

History isn’t just in books, it’s in trees too! Think you might have a tree that holds some historical significance? Call the Parke Company for help. They’ll be able to direct you to the correct person for the job.

Tennessee Heat: Hot Weather and Tree Care

Parke-Company-tree-service-of-nashville-Tennessee-Heat-Hot-Weather-and-Tree-Care-droughtIf you’ve spent any time in Tennessee, you know that the summer heat can get the best of us — humidity especially. And though it’s only May, hotter temperatures are settling in for a long season. Your trees and your landscape thrive in hot and sunny temperatures, but humidity and drought can often be detrimental to the overall health of your plants. So what do you do? Especially if water conservation is an issue, tree care will need to be considered.

Here are a couple things to think about when dealing with your trees:

Picking the right species: Heat waves are commonplace in Tennessee during the summer. If you’re looking to plant a new tree on your property, consider trees that require less water. This will not only keep the tree healthy all summer long, but it’s less stress on you! Because irrigation cannot be readily available during a drought, these types of trees also conserve water: a win-win. In addition, placement of trees can be important to keep a tree prosperous throughout a hot summer. With an arborist’s help, you can plant in the right conditions and feel confident your tree will be taken care of for years to come.

Assessing existing trees: Existing trees can be a bit trickier. Without considering the summer heat, a wide variety of trees can be planted in the Middle Tennessee area that may not thrive. This can be problematic for trees that require much more water during seasons where water conservation is so crucial. If water is not an issue, Parke can add a soaker hose for a slow trickle of constant water. In addition, soil injections can be done to enhance the health of the tree. Regular observation of your trees is important. The Parke Company can amend soil to help hold water for longer periods of time when lack of water is an issue. If you see leaves discolor or limbs die, call an arborist at the Parke Company for an assessment.

Regular irrigation and tree care is important to keeping your trees and landscape beautiful. But the Parke Company understands that weather can get in the way. Whether it’s summer storms and lightning (hyperlink), drought or extreme heat, the Parke Company can help you. They will assess your existing trees or assist in finding the perfect tree to withstand Tennessee’s infamous weather. Want more information and live within the Middle Tennessee area including The Gulch or Germantown? Call the Parke Company today for additional information or to speak with an arborist.

April Showers and Lightning Damage

parke-company-emergency-services-tree-landscape-irrigation-maintenance-blog-April-Showers-and-Lightning-DamageApril showers bring May flowers, right? Well, unfortunately they can also bring lightning damage, particularly on your trees. Nashvillians are patiently waiting while the multiple storms pass through the Middle Tennessee area, but it’s important to understand the signs of damaged trees and limbs as they come barrelling through. Trees are incredibly susceptible to lightning and should be monitored regularly by the Parke Company’s certified arborists.

Trees are especially vulnerable to lightning damage because of their height. Trees isolated on hills, near water, vast lawns, landscapes or in fields are even more likely to be struck. And depending on the severity, lightning strikes can completely destroy your tree. (In which case, emergency tree care is necessary.) But there are times when trees are damaged and it’s hard to determine if it’s due to lightning because the symptoms do not manifest until weeks later. That’s why it’s important to call a certified arborist who will be able to assist you with proper tree care and guide you in a treatment plan for the affected tree.

Symptoms of lightning damage include:

  • Your tree dies within a few days or weeks after being struck
  • Your tree loses its leaves unexpectedly
  • Sunken or “dead” spots appear along the trunk or branches
  • Cracks develop down the side of the trunk

Trees are rather vulnerable to lightning so it’s important to protect them, especially if they are protected or historic trees. The Parke Company can install protective measures for your trees to decrease the likelihood of damage from a lightning strike. This is especially important if trees are near your home or business. However, these are difficult systems and should not be done without a professional arborist.  In order to ensure long-term protection and correct installation, call the Parke Company and speak with a certified professional about installing one in your landscape.

Tree care doesn’t just stop with check-ups and evaluations. If you notice that your trees have symptoms of lightning damage, call the Parke Company to discuss options for tree health care and lightning protection.