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Emerald Ash Borer Headed to Nashville

emerald-ash-borer-parke-companyA new pest has emerged from Michigan and has made its way through the midwest to Tennessee. Originally from Asia, the Emerald Ash Borer is a ½ inch long bug with metallic green wings. Since its arrival, the bug has eaten its way through several states’ ash trees and destroyed millions of dollars in revenue. Now that it has emerged in Middle Tennessee, the problem hits close to home for many Nashville and Tennessee residents.

These insects feed solely on white and green ash trees, giving the bugs their name. According to the USDA, there are about 271 million green and white ash trees in the state of Tennessee. If the emerald ash borers are not controlled, these invaders could cost the state of Tennessee approximately $11 billion.

Unfortunately, early detection of the infestation is nearly impossible. Once the tree shows signs of symptoms, it has been anywhere from one to three years since the tree has been infested, making it too late to treat. The larvae feed on the tissue in the trunk, blocking off water and nutrients. Once the larvae has reached adulthood, they exit the tree, leaving distinct markings in the trunk; however the tree is usually too far gone. Symptoms include wilted leaves, fallen limbs and eventual tree death.

The insects are believed to be moving by transported firewood and unprocessed logs, which has now made its way through Tennessee and into our backyards. Though treatment can be difficult, the Parke Company works diligently to create preemptive measures for these possible infestations. While these practices are not always guaranteed, it’s your best bet in keeping your beloved ash trees alive. Have questions about ash trees, planting trees or other tree services? Call the Parke Company and they’ll assist you in any tree care you might need.

For more information or to inquire about tree care, call the Parke Company today.

Four Fantastic Trees for Fall Foliage

red-maple-parke-fall-trees-color-leavesOne of the best parts about fall is watching the leaves change. The vibrant colors from all of the trees is one of Earth’s beautiful qualities. But what are some of Tennessee’s most vibrant trees during the autumn months? Though there are several, here are just a few favorites.

Crepe Myrtle — With over 50 species, this small-sized tree produces vibrant orange leaves during the fall season. The same tree is often known for producing beautiful blooms through the spring and summer months, making this a popular tree among homeowners, particularly in Nashville and all through the South.

Red Maple — Nicknamed Autumn Blaze, this majestic tree can grow up to 49 feet tall and is a common tree through the state of Tennessee. During the fall months, its leaves can turn a deep red or orange giving it its name and popularity among many residents throughout the state.

Persimmon — Often thought of for its fruit, the persimmon tree develops beautiful orange/yellow trees during the fall, giving people another beautiful tree to admire. Easy to maintain, persimmon trees are a great way to grow fruit out of your backyard during the warm months,  and then enjoy its foliage during the cooler ones.

American Smoke Tree — This tree is a small tree or large shrub native to Tennessee. Clocking in at about 10 to 15 feet tall, these trees have simple leaves and “smoke-like” flowers giving the tree its name. Because of their size, these trees are popular in gardens and other landscapes. During the fall, the leaves begin to change and turn into a variety of bright oranges and reds.

There are all kind of wonderful trees throughout the Middle Tennessee area that produce beautiful fall colors and the trees listed above aren’t the only ones. Sugar maple, tulip poplar, black gum, sweet gum, red oak and birch are others that produce beautiful leaves in the fall. Whether it is a red maple or a crepe myrtle, the fall foliage is a great way to get excited for the upcoming holiday festivities that are rapidly approaching us.

Once the leaves fall, do you need help cleaning them up? The Parke Company offers landscape services and will be able to take care of that in time! Happy Fall, y’all!


Fall and Winter Decorations with the Parke Company

parke-company-emergency-services-tree-landscape-irrigation-maintenance-blog-Fall-and-Winter-Decorations-with-the-Parke-Company-pumpkinIf you’ve been out to any retailer over the last couple weeks, you’ve noticed something different. The massive amounts of fall and winter decorations have stocked the shelves all around Nashville. From autumn wreaths to pumpkins to Christmas ornaments, they are everywhere you go. Decorations are a great way to get your friends and family in the holiday spirit, no matter the day. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas — the list goes on and on! But did you know the Parke Company can help you decorate your home or business too? With a list of services, the Parke Company can make sure your Tennessee home looks festive and cheery for your next get-together.

Mailboxes — A mailbox is a great way to show some festive cheer before you’re even in the driveway. Have a look in mind but have no idea how to craft it? The Parke Company can make your vision come to life with an array of artistic displays that include materials such as mums, leaves, corn husk and poinsettias.

Front porch displays — This is a great way to greet trick-or-treaters during Halloween or your family for Thanksgiving dinner beyond landscape. Just like a mailbox, the Parke Company will work with you to create the perfect display for your porch. Your display can be simple or extensive — the possibilities are endless! Just call the Parke Company to discuss the options.

Living Christmas trees — Just a little over two months before Christmas! (Time is flying by!) There is nothing like having a live tree for the Christmas season. That’s why the Parke Company can help you find the perfect tree and deliver it straight to your home. You’ll be stringing lights and stuffing presents under the tree before you know it. Don’t need a tree but want to give one as a gift? The Parke Company can do that too! Just call them for more information.

Holiday decorations by the Parke Company are a great way to show off your excitement for the season They understand that you have a busy schedule, so let them do the decorating for you! Need flower bed clean-up or leaf removal? The Parke Company can take care of all your landscape and tree service needs in addition to decorating your property for the upcoming holiday season. Have any questions? Feel free to call them today for a free consultation or decoration ideas for the upcoming season.

Falling for Fall: Leaf Cleanup and Other To-Dos

fall-maple-tree-parke-services-nashville-leaf-removalOne of the best parts about fall (except for the Vanderbilt and Titan football games) is the changing colors of leaves all around Nashville. The foliage is everywhere — from backyards to Sylvan Park. And it’s one of the true signifiers that we’re delving right into fall. However, those beautiful, orange trees are short lived. Before you know it, the leaves begin to fall and we are all left with a big mess to clean up. That’s where the Parke Company comes in. Unless you’re a 10 year-old jumping in the gathered pile of leaves, it’s safe to say this is a chore best left to the professionals. The Parke Company can not only take care of your trees during the spring and summer, but make sure they’re ready for dormancy during the fall and winter.

Here are a few other things that need to get done before winter sets in as well as leaf cleanup:

Mulching — Mulching is an important part of any landscape, and it’s a smart idea to use your fallen leaves as the mulching material. Not only is this a great method for recycling, it can be a huge cost-saver.

Firewood — With cold months come cold nights. What better way to warm up than with a nice fire? The Parke Company offers firewood of several varieties for customers interested. While the Parke Company is over raking leaves, stock up on your firewood and you’ll be set through the winter.

Final tree check-ups — Though check-ups need to be done while the leaves are still on the trees, it might not be too late to get an assessment. Call the Parke Company if you have an ill tree to see what’s going on before dormancy takes effect.

Debris Removal — Just like fallen leaves, your property might be littered with debris from old trees or late summer storms. The Parke Company can take care of that, just like they can take care of the leaves.

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, there is always something that needs to get done. If we want to keep Nashville beautiful, it’s important to clean up and take care of any odds and ends that might need to be completed. Even if you just need some firewood, the Parke Company is always making sure your experience is easy and efficient. For more information or to contact the Parke Company about any of the above services in the Middle Tennessee area, contact them today!

Preparing Trees for the Colder Months

cabling-trees-parke-company-nashvilleSummer is almost over! (We know, we can hardly believe it either.) But before the nights begin to cool down and leaves start to fall, it’s important to assess your trees and have any trees transplanted or treated before it gets too cold. This will not only prevent any unforeseen damage to your trees,  but it will also keep them safe as temperatures start to drop. This time of year is key in making sure your tree care is set and ready to go for the winter. Here are a few things to consider:

Planting/Transplanting – The fall is a great time for planting and transplanting any trees. If you have a tree that needs to be moved from one Nashville location to another, the Parke Company can accomplish this tree service for you. Just make sure to call them soon to schedule an appointment.

Spraying and Brush Removal – This tree service is important to complete before the tree goes dormant. Most chemical treatments require the tree to be in growing season, not asleep for the winter. Spraying your trees not only wards off any unwanted species during the year but also keeps the tree healthy during the winter. If you have a lot of brush to remove, this would be a good opportunity to bundle the services and get your property clean and ready for the cold months.

Health care checkups – Just like chemical treatments, completing health care assessments are necessary while the leaves are still on the trees. Not only can the Parke Company tell visually what is going on, but it allows the Parke Company to evaluate the tree during its peak months.

Prepping your trees for the colder months can be as simple as calling Parke to schedule a consultation. Your trees are an important part of your landscape, so it’s important to take care of them. Whether you need a tree transplanted or a simple health care checkup, the team at Parke can assist you. For more information about their services in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area, call them today.