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Three Reasons to Plant a Tree for Earth Day

Tree-installation-parke-company-nashvilleEvery year on April 22, or Earth Day, hundreds of people get together and plant trees, clean up their communities, and raise awareness for the environment. Though we at the Parke Company think it is always a great day to plant trees, this day is a great opportunity to take action in tree care. There are so many reasons why planting trees are necessary for not just the earth, but Nashville itself! From clean water to soil erosion, the list goes on and on. Here are other few reasons to consider participating in this year’s festivities.

Three Reasons to Plant a Tree:

  1. Cleans air and provides oxygen — There are many scientific studies showing the greenhouse effects of trees. In addition, trees provide clean air and oxygen for us to breathe.
  2. Provides habitat for wildlife — Birds, bees, squirrels, and other wildlife rely on trees for habitats.
  3. It’s fun! — Whether you are planting a tree with your family or you are doing it for your community, it can be a fun activity for all involved.

Earth Day is celebrated all across the globe, including Nashville. This year’s Nashville Earth Day Festival will be on April 19 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Centennial Park. The event will include educational exhibits and activities about our environment geared for all ages. For more information, visit their website here.

Want to plant a tree, but worried you don’t have a green thumb? That’s where the Parke Company and their tree service comes in. Available for tree care, tree removal and all other tree services, the Parke Company will be able to plant a tree for you in honor of Earth Day. For more information about the Parke Company and their tree service (including tree removal, tree care and planting), call them today!

Almost four years ago, Middle Tennessee was hit with some of the most horrific flooding the state and city of Nashville has ever seen. These dangerous floods caused over thousands of dollars in damage to both landscape and property and 24 deaths in the state (11 in Davidson county). According to the National Weather Service, flooding is the second deadliest type of severe weather in the country, ahead of tornadoes. That is why, their offices have declared this past week Flood Safety Awareness Week for the entire country. There are always some simple steps you can prepare your lawn or landscape in the event of an emergency flood with the help of the Parke Company and knowledge of flood safety.

One of the major reasons floods can be so dangerous is they can arrive during any time of the year and from a variety of systems such as slow-moving or stationary frontal systems. It is important to be well-educated and armed for these emergency situations. The different kinds of flooding can be a bit mind boggling. Here are a couple points to help you refresh your memory.

Types of floods:

  • Flash Flooding — This type of flooding usually occurs rapidly within six hours since initial rainfall begins. This flooding is due to creeks and streams quickly flooding into otherwise dry areas.

  • Areal Flooding — This type of flooding is still just as dangerous as flash flooding, but happens over a gradual amount of time (over six hours since initial rainfall begins). This flooding is also caused by creeks and streams, but also over flood-prone areas such as lawns or fields.

  • River Flooding — This type of flooding is easy to define. It is the rise of water levels in rivers, such as the Cumberland River. This too, can be tagged as a major flood but it can also be classified as minor.

Preparing landscape and trees for floods:

  • From a tree care and landscape perspective, preparing for floods is easy. Make sure any brush or debris is cleaned up around your trees, lawns, pipes and drainage systems. This will help avoid any clogging or flooding problems on your landscape.

  • Have the emergency services number readily available . There are some things you just can’t control when flooding happens. Having an emergency situation is one of them. Be sure to call the Parke Company if you need tree care or you need some other emergency services assistance.

Understanding the types of flooding and how you can prepare your family, property,  landscape and trees are important. For additional information about flooding and Flood Safety Awareness Week, visit the National Weather Service. Interested in scheduling a tree care service for your trees or lawns or need them for emergency services?  Call them today. 

Richland Creek Greenway in Sylvan Park during the Nashville flood in 2010.

Richland Creek Greenway in Sylvan Park during the Nashville flood in 2010.

Spring Tree Care Services with the Parke Company

Tree-installation-parke-company-nashvilleWe are finally getting toward the end of winter. (We can hardly believe it either.) But as the warm weather begins to pop up, it is important to make sure you have all your landscape and tree services scheduled for the spring and summer scheduled. Your trees, landscape or lawns are a valuable asset to your Nashville property so it is incredibly important to schedule with the Parke Company for your tree care services.

Tree care services to consider checking off your list for the spring and summer:

  • Tree or plant transplants completed while they are still dormant. This is always a great idea to finish up now because the best time to move trees and other plants is during the cold months. If you have any unfinished projects from winter, call the Parke Company to schedule the rest of your transplant services today.

  • Landscaping such as spring flowers, mulching, plant bed clean-up. This is prime season for lawn care and landscaping. If you need mulching, bed clean-up, or any other landscaping service, be sure to call and schedule your services as soon as possible. This time of year is a busy season for contractors, so the sooner the better!

  • Irrigation system check up in case of short spring and early summer. Call to have your irrigation systems tuned up or turned on to ensure they are working at optimal level when necessary. In the event that an early summer arrives, your systems will be good to go for your lawns.

Checking these items off your to-do list is important for spring, but it is vital to get them scheduled with the Parke Company in plenty of time for spring. Trees or landscape, the Parke Company has you covered. They service areas in Middle Tennessee including Brentwood, Franklin, Madison and Bellevue. Call today to schedule your tree service today!

Ice and Snow Damage to Trees in Middle TN

ice-snow-damage-nashville-parke-companyFor anyone who has lived in Nashville or Middle Tennessee, they understand the erratic behavior that comes with the months of March and April. One day it can be warm outside and the sun can be shinning. The next day Davidson County is receiving Winter Weather Advisory alerts and we are all shivering next to the fire.

But with the fickle weather comes extreme and dangerous situations. Take the ice storm this past week for example. Unexpected and unprepared, trees and power lines get a lot of the trouble that comes with ice and the drop in temperatures. And then we are left with damage and without electricity for hours or even days. So how can we avoid this? Well, some of it is unavoidable, unfortunately. Some can be prevented with the help of the Parke Company.

Regular check up and tree care maintenance — Call the Parke Company to keep track of your regular tree maintenance. Making sure your trees are healthy and all the proper tree care is maintained will ensure less risk of problems when dangerous weather occurs. Cabling, weight reduction, crown thinning and tree health care are all services under the Parke Company that will only reduce risk of injury or damage and increase the longevity of your trees.

ice-roadways-tree-damange-parkeEmergency tree service — One of the most crucial parts about the Parke Company is their emergency tree services. In the event disaster strikes your trees during a winter or ice storm, the Parke Company can assist. Their services include getting trees off buildings and removal of trees from the roadways. For additional information or to contact the Parke Company about their emergency tree service, contact them here.

We all want this winter to be over, but it would be unwise for us to not acknowledge that March and April are months can be erratic in temperature and severity. Keep the tree maintenance up, call the Parke Company for landscape and lawn needs, and keep the Parke Company’s emergency tree service phone number in your phone book. Anything can happen; stay safe, Nashvillians!

Tree Preservation in Middle TN

cabling-trees-parke-company-nashvilleOne of the many great things about Nashville and Middle Tennessee is its beautiful, lush greenery. All around Metro, Franklin and Brentwood, the Parke Company works hard to keep trees, both old and new, healthy and prosperous. However, it’s the older trees that sometimes need the most tender, loving care. If you have tall trees on your lawns and landscape and you know they need a little extra help or support, consider calling for tree care services. This will not only increase the life of the tree in your lawn, but it will also keep you and your family safe from falling branches or the tree itself.

  • Cabling — This tree service provides structural support for established trees on its weak joints. Cabling can oftentimes be confused with staking a tree. Staking a tree is a procedure done to anchor the tree to the ground for temporary support, whereas cabling is above ground and is completed for more permanent tree care.
  • Crown Thinning — A lot like pruning, crown thinning is the removal of branches and limbs to reduce the weight of the tree, particularly in highly stressed areas. Crown thinning is also done to increase light and airflow throughout the tree.
  • Weight Reduction — This is similar to crown thinning in that it is the removal of branches and limbs to reduce the weight of a tree. However, typically these branches are heavier, lower-level branches.

These three tree care services should only be done by a trained arborists or tree care specialists. Don’t let your beautiful, old trees become a victim of the harsh elements outside. If you see a tree on your lawns or landscape that needs these services, be sure to call the Parke Company today to schedule an appointment.