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April Showers and Lightning Damage

parke-company-emergency-services-tree-landscape-irrigation-maintenance-blog-April-Showers-and-Lightning-DamageApril showers bring May flowers, right? Well, unfortunately they can also bring lightning damage, particularly on your trees. Nashvillians are patiently waiting while the multiple storms pass through the Middle Tennessee area, but it’s important to understand the signs of damaged trees and limbs as they come barrelling through. Trees are incredibly susceptible to lightning and should be monitored regularly by the Parke Company’s certified arborists.

Trees are especially vulnerable to lightning damage because of their height. Trees isolated on hills, near water, vast lawns, landscapes or in fields are even more likely to be struck. And depending on the severity, lightning strikes can completely destroy your tree. (In which case, emergency tree care is necessary.) But there are times when trees are damaged and it’s hard to determine if it’s due to lightning because the symptoms do not manifest until weeks later. That’s why it’s important to call a certified arborist who will be able to assist you with proper tree care and guide you in a treatment plan for the affected tree.

Symptoms of lightning damage include:

  • Your tree dies within a few days or weeks after being struck
  • Your tree loses its leaves unexpectedly
  • Sunken or “dead” spots appear along the trunk or branches
  • Cracks develop down the side of the trunk

Trees are rather vulnerable to lightning so it’s important to protect them, especially if they are protected or historic trees. The Parke Company can install protective measures for your trees to decrease the likelihood of damage from a lightning strike. This is especially important if trees are near your home or business. However, these are difficult systems and should not be done without a professional arborist.  In order to ensure long-term protection and correct installation, call the Parke Company and speak with a certified professional about installing one in your landscape.

Tree care doesn’t just stop with check-ups and evaluations. If you notice that your trees have symptoms of lightning damage, call the Parke Company to discuss options for tree health care and lightning protection.

Earth Day 2015 in Nashville and Why It’s Important

Parke-Company-tree-service-of-nashville-Earth-Day-2015-in-Nashville-and-Why-It-ImportantAs tree and plant lovers, Earth Day is a great way to celebrate and promote all the great things about the world we live in. On April 22, people from all over the globe will partake in various activities (both big and small) to not only help our environment but invigorate the community around them.

The first Earth Day was officially established in 1970 by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson. The 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill inspired Nelson to create a day that not only highlights the importance of Earth, but how to sustain it. At its 45 year anniversary, Earth Day has become a worldwide celebration filled with festivals, organizational movements and community action.

Though people celebrate the day by recycling or dropping off unused items for proper disposal, the Parke Company enjoys doing something more. Here are a few ways you can celebrate Earth Day with the Parke Company:

  • Plant a tree — Planting a tree can be a great opportunity to show your family or community that you care. With the Parke Company’s help, you can choose a beautiful tree to plant that will grow and prosper for years to come.

  • Design and build a garden — Maybe you’ve always wants to grow a vegetable garden or perhaps you just want to improve the landscape of your home. The Parke Company can assist you in your adventure by helping you design and execute the garden you’ve always wanted.

  • Recycle old limbs for compost, mulching and chipping — One of the biggest things about Earth Day is recycling old or unused materials. What better way to recycle than to recycle old limbs for chipping or compost? The Parke Company has mulching and chipping capabilities that help you recycle any unwanted materials for an environmentally-friendly home.

Earth Day is a great way to celebrate and inform your friends and family about the importance of the home we live in, especially in Nashville! Nashville holds a Earth Day Festival in Centennial Park every year that encourages Nashvillians of all ages to come out and enjoy what the movement is all about. This year, the festival is set on April 18 and will have music, a beer garden, drop-off recycle opportunities and a farmer’s market. Can’t make it? Celebrate by visiting some of your favorite spots in Nashville such as Edwin Warner or Sylvan Park! For more information or to see the music line-up, you can visit their website. For more information about Parke Company services such as trees, landscape design or mulching and chipping, contact them today!

Preparing Plants for Early Nashville Spring Frost

preparing-plants-for-early-spring-frostWeather can be fickle sometimes. Especially if you live in Middle Tennessee. One day it’s sunny and 75 degrees, and the next it’s close to freezing. Late frost is an issue every year, so it’s important to keep in mind when preparing your plants for the new season. Nashville trees have already started budding and some daffodils have bloomed. It’s a beautiful thing! But with that beauty comes a risk for early spring frost. So when that cold snap decides to hit, it’s best to be prepared.

Here are some ways to protect your plants:

  1. Water the plants thoroughly before the freeze hits. This adds insulation to the soil and plant cells.

  2. Bring plants indoors. Obviously this isn’t a great solution for all plants, but anything potted can be brought in for protection.

  3. If you have small sprouts, protect them by placing a pot or coffee tin over them. Just be sure to uncover them the following day when the temperature hits above freezing. These baby sprouts need their sunlight!

  4. Larger plants or shrubs can be covered by burlap or old bed sheets. Place the cloth across the entire plant and let it reach the ground. This not only insulates the plant but the soil as well. Like the previous tip, remove the cloth the next day when the sun pops back out.

Sometimes frost occurs suddenly and your plants are left unprotected. If this happens, possible damage could occur. Over the course of a few days, take note of the buds on your plants. If there has been discoloration (such as dark brown or black), then your plants are probably damaged. If your plants stay green and no discoloration occurs then your tough, little plants fought through the cold snap!

Sometimes assessing the damage can be hard to spot. If you have questions about your landscape and plants, contact the Parke Company to come check it out. They’ll be able to tell you the severity of the damage and the next steps for your landscape. If you have yet to schedule your landscape maintenance or design, there’s no better time than now! With spring in full swing, your trees and landscape is ready to see more color.

For more information about the Parke Company’s services contact them today!

Spring Storm Season: Make Sure Your Trees are Prepared

 tree-lightning-parke-company-nashvilleNashville is finally warming up, and we couldn’t be more excited to get rid of all this snow and ice. So what’s next on the agenda for your tree list? Well, if you’ve already taken care of spring preparation for your landscape and trees before things begin to bloom, it might be a good idea to take a look at your trees and branches for potential storm hazards.

With Nashville sunshine comes the possibility of spring showers, including severe storms with lightning, tornadoes and flooding. After a big storm, it’s not uncommon to see a large tree fallen in the middle of the road in Belle Meade, Franklin or other residential areas. This is why it’s important to make sure your trees are in tip-top shape for the season ahead.

Preparation for these storms is pretty simple. Call the Parke Company! They will come out to assess your trees for any necessary services such as crown thinning, preventative work and damage repairs. If some of your branches are dead or heavy, it might be necessary for our team to complete cabling or crown thinning to prevent any fallen branches during unexpected storms.

Lightning can be a major concern, especially with trees. Parke is available for measuring trees for grounding rods and wires. This is a great preventative measure that will avoid headaches throughout the spring and summer seasons. If storms damage branches or threaten your tree’s healthcare, Parke can also clean up branches, assist in emergency tree care situations and try to treat any of the damage.

Tree healthcare is an important part of maintaining a beautiful property. If you’re a homeowner or run a  commercial property, Nashville storms are unavoidable. Be sure to have your trees evaluated to prevent any lightning, wind or tornado damage before it’s too late. For more information about the Parke Company’s services including emergency tree care, contact them today to schedule a consultation. 

Hackberry Woolly Aphids and Nashville Trees

HackberryAphid_MoldJust like with other plants, trees are highly susceptible to invasive species and other pests that can cause annoyance or harm to the trees and the things beneath them. And one pest Nashville has seen frequently is the Hackberry Wooly Aphid, which can cause a lot of problems for trees and the people who enjoy those trees. Just like last year, tree care in late winter and early spring is the best time to address these critters, so check out your property for any possible problems. Here’s some further information to help you determine if the aphids will be a headache in the upcoming months.

What are Hackberry Woolly Aphids? Hackberry Wooly Aphids are small and furry bugs that are about 1/10 inch long. The bug infests Chinese Hackberry trees and can be found all over the U.S. and most of Asia. Blue or gray-toned, the bug also has black wings and secretes a wax or honeydew on the plants.

How do they cause problems? The problem isn’t the bug itself, but the amount of honeydew it releases. Many times, the waxy substance falls beneath the tree, hitting anything under it. From cars to decks, the honeydew can create a big slippery mess, resulting in hazardous conditions. Whether you live in areas like 12 South or East Nashville, this conditions can be a problem. In addition, the dew can form into black mold that is hard to clean.

How can I spot them? Well, there are a few ways you might be able to spot this issue. If the tree is infested, you will notice the furry aphids on the leaves of your trees. In addition, inspect the area underneath the tree or branches. If you see waxy substances or mold present, it’s likely the aphids are the root of the problem.

How do I get rid of them? Because the mess is so hard to clean up, it’s best to call in a professional. The Parke Company is familiar with the Woolly Aphids and can recommend the best way to remove the insects from your trees.

Hackberry Woolly Aphids can be a serious problem if they’re not addressed. The Parke Company recommends treatment around this time of year to avoid future problems down the road. Whether you’re worried about fall/slip prevention or you want to avoid ugly mold on your property, inspect your Hackberry trees and their branches for any signs of these pesky bugs.

Think you’re infested? Call the Parke Company to discuss the next steps in removal. For more information about tree care and services within the Middle Tennessee area, call them today!