Commercial and Residential Tree Service serving Nashville and Middle Tennessee

recycle-christmas-tree-live-douglas-fir-parke-companyIt’s safe to assume that one of the best parts about Christmas is decorating the Christmas tree, right?  Perhaps you’ve got a beautiful Norway Spruce, a Douglas Fir you decorate every year, or maybe you’re using an artificial tree from last year. Whatever kind of tree, it’s one of the most prominent symbols of the holiday, which is why the Parke Company offers living Christmas trees to their Middle Tennessee clients. Not only is this a great way to repurpose trees, but it’s also a great way to remember Christmas memories.

A “living” Christmas tree is a great idea for those who want to experience Christmas cheer all year long. Simply call the Parke Company and they’ll set up your live tree at your house, either inside or outside to enjoy during the Christmas season. Once the holidays are over, Parke will come back out and plant the living tree in your lawn that will permanently become part of your landscape.

Though it takes a bit of planning, it’s a great way for your family, especially children, to learn the importance of nature. While your tree grows in your landscape for decades to come, the tree will provide much more than a Christmas memory for you and your family. It provides beauty in your landscape, tree education and resources for wild animals! Want more Christmas and nature education? The Parke Company does tree work at Cheekwood where you can not only admire the trees and landscape, but also meet live reindeer during the holiday season.

Interested in using a live tree for your Christmas festivities? With the Parke Company’s help, you can have a tree ready in your house in no time! Even though it takes a bit of planning, the Parke Company is happy to work with you and your schedule to ensure your Christmas tree is perfect.

For more information and pricing, call the Parke Company today. Interested in other seasonal services the Parke Company offers? Not only will they do any necessary winter tree care or landscape services, they also offer mailbox decorations and front porch displays to keep you and your family in the holiday spirit! Contact them today for more information about repurposing a Christmas tree or other holiday services. And Happy Holidays from the Parke Company!

How to Care for Your Trees in Extreme Winter

snow-shrubs-trees-parke-nashville-extreme-weatherThough it came sooner than we expected, the cold temperatures have arrived in Middle Tennessee (and in full force). And even though you and your family can stay inside during the extreme drops in weather, your trees and landscape cannot. So what’s the best route in taking care of them? Dormancy is a tree’s defense mechanism during the cold, but any necessary work such as transplants or excavation can be done during this time with a little help from the Parke Company.

The best time to transplant trees is during the colder months. This ensures a healthy transplant because the trees are dormant. The same goes for excavation. If you need something moved (or removed) around or near a tree, this time of year is best as the ground begins to freeze.

But while these tasks are best done now, it’s important to know that these tasks are for professionals. If you are not privy to the dos and don’ts of these tree services, it could cost you the tree. The Parke Company team is specially trained and knowledgeable on transplanting, landscape and other tree services. Not only will this save you time and effort during the holiday season, but you’re assured no trees will be harmed during the project.

Not looking to transplant or excavate any trees but have a few loose ends to take care of before winter officially settles in? The Parke Company can help with that too! From cleaning your landscape and flower beds to mulching, the Parke Company will help you finish the job in no time. For more information, call the Parke Company today to talk with a team member!


“Scrub clearing.” The sound of it doesn’t seem appealing, huh? But it’s a necessary evil we all have to take care of to ensure our trees, grass and landscape are healthy all year long. Yes, it keeps your trees and other plants beautiful, but is also important for cleaning out any invasive species that might’ve taken over during the summer months.

How can you get scrub clearing done? It’s a simple process, really. Just pick up the phone! The Parke Company will take care of any scrub clearing that needs to be done around your property.

Is it a one time job? Scrub clearing involves removing invasive species in your trees and other plants that are not meant to be in Nashville. Because invasive species are tricky and can harm your landscape, scrub clearing is a management process that takes time to complete.

What is the overall process look like? Invasive species should be constantly addressed. The Parke Company can do immediate removal, but additional steps will need to be taken for management purposes. All projects are different and depend on the invasive species at hand. The team will work with you to create a plan that fits with your schedule.

Scrub clearing can be done simply and efficiently with the Parke Company’s help. No matter what invasive species we are dealing with, the team will do their best to keep it under control. Tennessee has a wide range of exotic invasive plants that need controlling. For a full list, click here. To schedule your consultation for scrub clearing, contact the Parke Company today!

Emerald Ash Borer Headed to Nashville

emerald-ash-borer-parke-companyA new pest has emerged from Michigan and has made its way through the midwest to Tennessee. Originally from Asia, the Emerald Ash Borer is a ½ inch long bug with metallic green wings. Since its arrival, the bug has eaten its way through several states’ ash trees and destroyed millions of dollars in revenue. Now that it has emerged in Middle Tennessee, the problem hits close to home for many Nashville and Tennessee residents.

These insects feed solely on white and green ash trees, giving the bugs their name. According to the USDA, there are about 271 million green and white ash trees in the state of Tennessee. If the emerald ash borers are not controlled, these invaders could cost the state of Tennessee approximately $11 billion.

Unfortunately, early detection of the infestation is nearly impossible. Once the tree shows signs of symptoms, it has been anywhere from one to three years since the tree has been infested, making it too late to treat. The larvae feed on the tissue in the trunk, blocking off water and nutrients. Once the larvae has reached adulthood, they exit the tree, leaving distinct markings in the trunk; however the tree is usually too far gone. Symptoms include wilted leaves, fallen limbs and eventual tree death.

The insects are believed to be moving by transported firewood and unprocessed logs, which has now made its way through Tennessee and into our backyards. Though treatment can be difficult, the Parke Company works diligently to create preemptive measures for these possible infestations. While these practices are not always guaranteed, it’s your best bet in keeping your beloved ash trees alive. Have questions about ash trees, planting trees or other tree services? Call the Parke Company and they’ll assist you in any tree care you might need.

For more information or to inquire about tree care, call the Parke Company today.

Four Fantastic Trees for Fall Foliage

red-maple-parke-fall-trees-color-leavesOne of the best parts about fall is watching the leaves change. The vibrant colors from all of the trees is one of Earth’s beautiful qualities. But what are some of Tennessee’s most vibrant trees during the autumn months? Though there are several, here are just a few favorites.

Crepe Myrtle — With over 50 species, this small-sized tree produces vibrant orange leaves during the fall season. The same tree is often known for producing beautiful blooms through the spring and summer months, making this a popular tree among homeowners, particularly in Nashville and all through the South.

Red Maple — Nicknamed Autumn Blaze, this majestic tree can grow up to 49 feet tall and is a common tree through the state of Tennessee. During the fall months, its leaves can turn a deep red or orange giving it its name and popularity among many residents throughout the state.

Persimmon — Often thought of for its fruit, the persimmon tree develops beautiful orange/yellow trees during the fall, giving people another beautiful tree to admire. Easy to maintain, persimmon trees are a great way to grow fruit out of your backyard during the warm months,  and then enjoy its foliage during the cooler ones.

American Smoke Tree — This tree is a small tree or large shrub native to Tennessee. Clocking in at about 10 to 15 feet tall, these trees have simple leaves and “smoke-like” flowers giving the tree its name. Because of their size, these trees are popular in gardens and other landscapes. During the fall, the leaves begin to change and turn into a variety of bright oranges and reds.

There are all kind of wonderful trees throughout the Middle Tennessee area that produce beautiful fall colors and the trees listed above aren’t the only ones. Sugar maple, tulip poplar, black gum, sweet gum, red oak and birch are others that produce beautiful leaves in the fall. Whether it is a red maple or a crepe myrtle, the fall foliage is a great way to get excited for the upcoming holiday festivities that are rapidly approaching us.

Once the leaves fall, do you need help cleaning them up? The Parke Company offers landscape services and will be able to take care of that in time! Happy Fall, y’all!